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We Believe in Zero: UK UNICEF Benefit Night for Syria

University of Kentucky UNICEF Club

The UNICEF Campus Initiative club at the University of Kentucky hosted "We Believe in Zero: UK UNICEF Benefit Night for Syria" on Thursday, November 29. The program included food, cultural performances, and a world flags guessing game. Over 150 people were in attendance. The highlights of the evening were the guest speakers. Shafi Khan, Director of International Operations for Muslims Without Borders, spoke of his experiences working in Syria. Khan had just flown in from London, and had not slept in over 24 hours. "But if I can inform one person about Syria...I would stay up for 48 hours." Taruna Sadhoo, Officer of Volunteer and Community Partnerships at the U.S. Fund for UNICEF, talked about the actions UNICEF is taking in Syria, and how we can all act locally to make a difference in global events. T-shirts were sold at the benefit, and the proceeds are going directly to UNICEF's programs in Syria. The event inspired many student attendees to spread more awareness about Syria and to get more involved in the UNICEF chapter on campus.