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Tackling famine at a car wash

Saager and Rohen

Two young supporters in Houston, Texas held their second annual Car Wash and Lemonade Stand to benefit UNICEF, specifically the children affected by famine in the Horn of Africa. Saager (age 10) and Rohen (age 9) Chawla and their friends from school, tae kwon do, and the neighborhood washed 22 cars and sold countless glasses of lemonade, raising more than $1,100 for children in need!

Their parents, longtime UNICEF advocates and supporters, have shown by example how transformational and meaningful a partnership with UNICEF can be. Saager and Rohen said they wanted to raise these funds “so lives can be saved and a new generation of children can thrive when the drought in the Horn of Africa is over.” Profound words for such young kids!

They chose UNICEF “because thousands of people are dying a day and UNICEF is one of the main organizations trying to stop that. It makes us feel like good people who do the right thing by helping those in need.”

Congratulations to Saager and Rohen for a job well done! Because of their example and generosity, UNICEF is able to save the lives of the most vulnerable children in Kenya and Somalia, and all over the world.