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Caroling for UNICEF

Ashley Kim

In December 19,  high school students from the Santiago High School UNICEF Club offered their time and voices to go around the community to carol. Even while gritting our teeth against the cold, it was truly a heart-warming time of holiday cheer. Not only did we raise $178 during those two hours, but we received the best donation of allsmiles. In this time and age, caroling seems to be outdated, so many showed their gratitude of this rare and special gift. The children stood abashed and in awe. We are so happy to have given such joy, especially to those who have never been caroled to. As president of this first year club, I am so happy to have been able to raise so much, all while spreading awareness and holiday joy. There's nothing better than seeing the surprised, smiling faces when the door opens and they see a group of young students ready to sing for them. I feel we benefited the most from this event; it felt great knowing that our singing was a special bedtime gift to the children who have never been caroled to. Such a great first fundraiser to remember!