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What Can I Do?

Volunteers in the Action Center will Educate, Advocate and Fundraise on behalf of UNICEF in their communities. Learn more about those activities, and our flagship campaigns by joining the UNICEF Action Center today.



  • Educate yourself on the elements that contribute to child survival at
  • Visit, which helps teachers engage students as active global citizens by learning about UNICEF.
  • Read our Fieldnotes blog to learn about the challenges facing the world's children and the simple solutions UNICEF is using to save them.


  • Respond to Advocacy Alerts and other UNICEF public policy concerns by writing your members of Congress. 
  • Encourage friends and family to get involved in Congress' effort to help UNICEF save children's lives.


Fundraising-Related Volunteer Activities

  • Conduct your own fundraiser! But first, complete the Fundraiser Application.
  • Create your own fundraising webpage and become a champion for children.
  • Shop UNICEF by purchasing UNICEF Inspired Gifts, cards and gifts, or buy from one of our partners and make a real difference in the lives of children around the world.
  • Donate foreign or domestic currency through UNICEF's Change for Good® program when you fly on select international American Airlines flights.
  • Matching Gifts: a simple way to increase the impact of your donation. Many employers match charitable contributions made by their employees. Search to see if your company participates!